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What We Offer

Edge Athletics builds and empowers youth athletes by accelerating their athletic ability and expanding their capacity for success in both sports and life.

Vision Training

At Edge Athletics we believe that reaction time, decision making, hand-eye coordination, and peripheral vision are essential qualities for every athlete. Enter ‘The Reflexion Edge’, a highly advanced Neuro Training platform specifically designed for athletes. Cloud based analytics track the performance of each individual as they escalate their cognitive processes and skills. This legitimate game-changing training system is a key component to every training session at Edge Athletics.

Linear Speed Training

Achieving greater Acceleration and Maximum Velocity are perhaps the gold standard in terms of Athleticism. At Edge Athletics, we understand the biomechanics of speed and how to properly train and develop our athletes by coaching optimal running mechanics through targeted workouts. Linear Speed workouts are fun, competitive, and results driven.

Multi-Directional Speed Training

The ability to stop on a dime, change direction, and out-maneuver an opponent are crucial skills for creating space and capitalizing on opportunity in sports. At Edge Athletics, we train our athletes core and eccentric strength and coach the development of neuromuscular awareness through fundamental exercises and innovative Braking, Change of Direction, and Agility drills. This stimulated and rewarding course of work is full of intense excitement.

Athletic Strength Training

The foundation for all athletic ability and function relies heavily on the strength of an athlete. Strength Training at Edge Athletics is safe and effective in promoting Injury Prevention, flexibility, speed, durability, and power. Strength development and progression also greatly increases the overall well-being and confidence of an athlete on and off the field/court/etc.

Vertical Jump Training

Designed specifically for jump sport athletes (basketball, volleyball, track&field), our vertical jump training program is designed to increase explosiveness and ultimately maximize an athletes vertical ability through resistance training, plyometrics, and coaching total controlled velocity and movement efficiency.



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